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Bertoldo Lantis Real Estate Team
MeetBertoldo Lantis Real Estate Team

With over 35 years of Realtor experience between the two of them, Paul and Tami provide the level of experience you deserve when buying or selling a home. The team approach that they use maximizes the communication throughout the process of listing or purchasing a home. Their motto is “it’s all about you, not us” and becomes very evident from your first conversation. They truly are there to help you through the process and they treat all their clients like family!

Paul and Tami believe that there are three key factors in selecting the right realtor; Experience, Trust, and Execution. They not only excel in these areas, but also have an energetic, enthusiastic approach to their job that makes all their transactions a pleasurable experience.

With Paul and Tami’s experience in the Real Estate Industry, they have also developed a 5 Star reputation among their peers. The importance of strong cooperation among realtors is often overlooked, but Paul and Tami have always made it a priority.

Paul and Tami have been working together for over 12 years and it shows! They know how to use each other’s strengths to the benefit of their clients and ensure that the goal of 100% referenceable client base continues.

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